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The rate at which cars are being stolen in Nigeria is now rampant and has increased by 46% according to PulseNG. Every car owner in Nigeria should now consider installing a car tracking device in order to track down their car(s) when stolen or as a preventive measure.
Car theft is so high these days that I can’t even borrow my friend to go on a ride with it. I can’t give it out because to invest so much in a car only to have it stolen is undoubted, a very heartbreaking thing to experience.

Reporting a stolen car and actually following it up, spending money you never budgeted for in search of the vehicle, which in most cases is not even a guarantee that your car will be found is a hassle you do not want to go through; in a country such as ours.

The importance of a car tracking company in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized especially if you own a fleet of cars and looking to manage them without stress. Many car tracking companies are springing up across the country almost on a daily basis and without a doubt, car tracking is a viral business nowadays and so it might be a bit confusing for a car owner who is looking to install or patronize the best.

Which car tracking company then should you hire to install car tracking devices on your car(s)? Find out below;

Cheapest Car Tracking Company In Nigeria – CarTracker.Com.Ng

This car tracking company located in KM 15, Silver share Place, beside NICON Town estate, Lekki, Lagos state, offers a cutting-edge car tracking software service that helps you locate and get back your car if stolen. You can also track your vehicle’s speed and location at any time. Car Tracker Nigeria also offers Fleet Management services ( for more than 10 cars), Speed Limiters that meet up to the requirements recommended by FRSC and SON and also provide Anti Shatter Glass Protection films to keep your glass safe and avoid breaking into pieces. It also provides a live map tracking that enables you to see the location and full addresses of your vehicle.
You can track your car from your phone and amazingly, it doesn’t have to be connected to the internet. This car tracking service is affordable and has no recurring bills and is among the few cars tracking companies that give customers free hands-off training.


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