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NTEL Data Plans

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Have you been buying NTEL data continuously and isn’t aware there a whole lot of other subscription plans you can jump on? Well, let us go straight to the point – You will from today henceforth waste money buying expensive data plans that won’t last you for 30 days.

In this article, you’ll learn about all the available NTEL data plans that you can subscribe for. These plans have been designated for all as you’ll see the one that perfectly suits you irrespective of your job. Trust me, NTEL data plans are cheap!

Available NTEL Data Plans

The tables below shows the NTEL data plan you can subscribe to and enjoy browsing.
They are very cheap and affordable and their durabilty is no doubt 30 days.

Ntel Data Plans Data Validity Price
Ntel Classic 4GB 30days N2500
Ntel Max 16GB 30days N7500
Ntel XL 80GB 90days N25,000
Ntel XL Unlimited Unlimited 90days N60,000

Ntel 4G LTE Night Data Plans

Ntel Night Plan Price Data Cap Validity
Smartphone Data Lite N500 Unlimited 10PM – 6AM (2days)
Smartphone Data Weekly N1500 Unlimited 10PM – 6AM (7days)
Smartphone Data Monthly N5000 Unlimited 10PM – 6AM (2days)

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans Price Data Cap Ntel Data Plan Validity
Ntel UNLIMITED U-DAILY N1500 Unlimited 2 days
Ntel UNLIMITED U-WEEKLY N3,750 Unlimited 7days
Ntel UNLIMITED Family N17,500 Unlimited 30days
Ntel UNLIMITED Night Plan N500 Unlimited 10pm to 6am

With that being disclosed, I do hope you won’t want to waste money purchasing an NTEL data plan that won’t last you for 30 days. Take a look at the table once more and see the NTEL Plan that suits you.

The table above was extracted from one of the top tech blogs in Nigeria, Into Geek. They provide exclusive editorials to their users and I’m a fan!


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